Milk consumption down in Europe with dairy demand driven by pizza and cake

Growth in world butter trade to outstrip all other dairy

Dairy in products such as pizza and pastry is driving demand.
Dairy in products such as pizza and pastry is driving demand.
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The rising demand for processed foods, such as pizza, pastry and cakes, is driving demand for milk in Europe as direct consumption of liquid milk continues to fall.

Close to 900,000t of milk per year is needed to satisfy EU demand for dairy and while consumers are drinking less milk every year, the demand for dairy is being driven by processed foods.

Global dairy demand continues to grow and the EU is expected to supply close to 30c of the increase in world demand for whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, cheese and butter.

World demand, led by China, will see the global trade in whole milk powder, skimmed milk, cheese and butter grow on average by 1m tonnes of milk equivalent per year.

While this is significantly below the average growth seen by almost all products in the last 10 years, except butter.

China, it says, will remain the world leading importer of dairy products and shipments to China are expected to continue to grow, albeit not at the same rate as in previous years.

Meanwhile, the worldwide trade in butter is expected to expand faster than in the past decade, figures from the EU show.

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