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Jarlsberg expands its production of world-renowned cheese in Cork



Jarlsberg cheese in production.

Jarlsberg cheese in production.

Jarlsberg cheese in production.

Norway's largest dairy co-op, TINE, is expanding the production of Jarlsberg cheese in Cork with a €77m investment.

Last year the Norwegian co-op said it planned to move the production of its Jarlsberg cheese to Cork and it has now announced that the move to Mogeely will be undertaken through a €77m investment.

The project will be a partnership with Dairygold, which has been producing Jarlsberg under licence from TINE for the past number of years.

The Minister for Agriculture and Food Michael Creed welcomed the announcement of TINE's planned €77m in a new production facility with capacity to produce up to 20,000t of the famous Norwegian cheese brand Jarlsberg annually.

“I'm delighted to hear of the plans for production of a world-class Norwegian cheese brand using Irish milk, and at a facility in the heart of rural Ireland’ the Minister said. ‘Irish dairy farming sits alongside the best in the world.

"It is about our plentiful supply of grass and water, our natural grass-based production, and our sustainable farming methods. This investment will represent another endorsement of the Irish dairy sector and our ambitious plans to meet the demands of a growing world market for safe and sustainably produced dairy."

Dairygold has been manufacturing Jarlsberg cheese, on behalf of TINE, at its own cheese production facility at Mogeely since 2013. The new facility will manufacture Jarlsberg, Norway’s best known cheese brand, for export to Europe, the US and Australia.

The planned investment is subject to planning approval and planning for the development is currently with An Bord Pleanála with a decision expected within weeks.

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