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Saturday 18 November 2017

Holy cow - is the the world's tallest 'cow'? It does stand out from the herd

Photo: Barcroft Media
Photo: Barcroft Media
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Californian 'cow' Danniel could be in line for one of the biggest accolades in the animal world

First off Danniel is a male animal, not a cow, but that's not what makes him stand out from the herd.

Danniel's owner Ken Farley said at six months the young bullock was abnormally big and while still being bottle fed on the farm in Eureka the Farley family he could not be kept fed. "In the six months he was just too big to handle."

According to Ken the average Holstein steer is about 4ft 5 in comparison. And now he's become something of a tourist attraction and could soon become a bovine record breaker. He has been recently measured for the Guinness book of records and the previous record holder was 6ft 2 and died in 2015.

"People react in a variety of ways...they just can't believe what they are seeing."

Holsteins are known to be large framed animals, Ken says, but he is quite a bit taller than the average Holstein. In fact, Danniel measures 6ft 4 at his withers, or the top of his shoulder blades and weights in at 2300lbs.

Danniel eats 100lb of hay and 15lb of grain every day on the farm, around four times the amount a normal animal would eat.

And luckily having been raised as a pet, Danniel is taking to the fame well.

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