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Thursday 18 April 2019

Glanbia suppliers spend €13,000 a year renting land and are looking for more staff

Glanbia suppliers are optimistic about land availability.
Glanbia suppliers are optimistic about land availability.
Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

A census of Glanbia suppliers recently carried out showed that the majority have identified a successor and nearly half are employing at least one person on their farms and looking to employ more.

Teagasc regional manager John Moloney said the census of 5,000 Glanbia suppliers showed that almost half have employment on their farms and looking to employ more as their businesses increase.

However, he warned labour would become an increasing challenge, but the dairy sector would remain a major employer in the economy.

The average Glanbia supplier now farms 200ac, with a significant volume rented on long-term leases. Around €50m is now spent by farmers renting land, he said, in the Glanbia catchment area.

Out of the 88pc of the 5,000 Glanbia suppliers that responded to the survey, some 30pc of their land area is rented or around 270,000 acres. Farmers reported that 43pc of these were in long-term leases, with 20pc in short-term leases.

The figures showed that just within the Glanbia area 270,000 acres at €200/acre or €54m in total and accounts for 30pc of the  land in the Glanbia catchment area is rented.

Interestingly, some 47pc were optimistic about land availability, the survey found.

The detail also showed, he said, that by 2020 some 14pc will be zero grazing, up from 6pc of dairy farmers that are zero grazing today.

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A significant number of Glanbia suppliers are reliant on nitrogen derogations, and that will increase, he said.

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