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Monday 25 March 2019

GDT rises for sixth time in a row on the back of strong supplies

A cow in front of Fonterra Kauri plant
A cow in front of Fonterra Kauri plant
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

The most recent Global Dairy Trade Index (GDT) has seen prices rise by 0.9pc, which is the sixth consecutive increase.

Cheddar and skim milk powder drove the rise as they increased by 2.9pc and 2.8pc respectively.

Rennet Casein saw an increase of 2.7pc, butter was up 2pc, anhydrous milk jumped by 0.7pc, while whole milk powder had a minor increase of 0.3pc.

However lactose prices dropped by 2.9pc.

Prices began to rise in December after months of negative demand with prices on a continual slide since mid-summer 2018 due to a glut of milk in the market. The recent rise has also come on the back of strong production in New Zealand.

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