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Thursday 21 June 2018

Dairygold launches fixed milk price scheme

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Dairygold has announced the details of its new Fixed Milk Price Scheme, which will run over a three-year period from March 1, 2018 to November 30, 2020.

The scheme provides milk suppliers with a voluntary option to help manage milk price volatility and deliver price certainty on a fixed volume of their milk deliveries.

It also offers a fixed price of 31.25c/L, including VAT, set at reference milk constituents of 3.30pc Protein and 3.60pc Butterfat, including bonuses.

Under this new scheme a milk supplier delivering the 2017 average Dairygold milk constituents (Fat and Protein) will receive equivalent to an average price of 34.77c/L.

This is Dairygold’s third Fixed Milk Price Scheme and it is voluntary and open to all contracted milk supplying Society Members.

Interested milk suppliers are asked to apply before Friday, February 16, expressing their preference for 5pc or 10pc of their 2017 supply, a fixed volume which will apply for each calendar year to November 2020.

Speaking about the scheme, Dairygold Chairman John O’Gorman stated Dairygold was pleased to offer our the option particularly in the context of recent months in which we have seen significant Dairy market volatility. 

"The scheme will allow our suppliers to fix the returns they get from a portion of their produce and to protect their margin."

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Earlier this month, Dairygold announced that it was holding the price the Co-Operative paid for milk supplied in the month of December at 36c/L including 0.5c/L quality bonus and Vat.

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