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Monday 11 December 2017

Dairygold announces milk price rise for June supplies

FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Dairygold Board today decided to increase the price for milk supplied in June by 1c/L to bringing the Dairygold price to 33.5c/L including 0.5c/L quality bonus and Vat.

It comes as last week Glanbia has announced that it will also increase its base milk price to farmers for June manufacturing milk.

It said that it will pay its milk suppliers 33c/L including VAT for June manufacturing milk supplies.

That's an increase of 1c/L to 33c/L including VAT for manufacturing milk at 3.6pc butterfat and 3.3pc protein.

It comes after Lakeland Dairies became the first processor to announce its milk price for June supplies increasing its price by 1c/L to 33c/L including VAT.

The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee has welcomed the announcement by a raft of processors that they intend paying 33c/L for June milk.

Gerald Quain acknowledged the decision which he said was an overdue recognition of that this price could - and should - have been paid for May milk.

Mr Quain said that the while the price rise was welcome it was, effectively, a month late.  He noted that dairy returns had remained constant right throughout June with the exception of Butter which was still on an upward trajectory.

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 “The feedback ICMSA is receiving from its members is that they feel that the appropriate price rise due in May was actually ‘held back on’ by the processors at that stage and that now needs to be rectified by meaningful increases for both June and certainly July supplies.

"The ‘low and slow’ approach to passing back better milk prices and timely upwards adjustments of the Ornua index had to end and executives and boards would want to finally recognise that farmers can read and follow the data just as easily and accurately as the co-ops and processors themselves can,” he said.

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