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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Dairy farming brothers to tantalise taste buds with new ice cream

Tom, David and Ivan Kiersey
Tom, David and Ivan Kiersey

Sarah Slater

Three brothers who have feasted for years on their mother’s home-made frozen yoghurt and ice cream have turned her recipes into a family business.

Tom, David and Ivan Kiersey’s ‘Freezin' Friesian’ hand-rolled ice cream and frozen yoghurt are made from milk from their 140 head pedigree British Friesian family herd which grazes on the lush green grass of Ballyhussa Farm in Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford.

The quality pastures lie in the shadow of the picturesque Comeragh Mountains and the scenic Copper Coast, the perfect ground for happy cows to produce quality milk to create the taste bud tantalising products.

While 27-year-old Ivan Kiersey works full-time on the farm, brothers, Tom (24) and David (28) are passionate about the business and row in where possible on the farm, along with their sister, Helen.

Their first foray with the public was at the recent Waterford Festival of Food to test if there was a market for their products.

The brothers, are now hoping to woo a local and national audience when the entrepreneurial trio set up stall at the Waterford Country Fair in the 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate in Portlaw June 10.

Tom, David and Ivan Kiersey.
Tom, David and Ivan Kiersey.

“The Waterford Country Fair has a distinctive carnival and family fun atmosphere and we’re delighted to bring such a local product to the Fair,” Tom explained.

“It’s the perfect target audience for us. Our Mum, Grace, always made yoghurt and ice cream at home for us when we were growing up, it was such a treat. 

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“The idea to try our hand at the rolled ice-cream and frozen yoghurt came when David was travelling in South East Asia. We saw an opportunity to bring the concept to Ireland and with our premium milk at home, the idea was born.

“The product is 100pc natural with no artificial preservatives. It’s sold in compostable bowls and we typically fit about 5 rolls into one bowl. 

The Ice-Cream and Frozen Yoghurt comes in liquid form, so people can actually see the product being made as it’s poured over the freezing pan with the accompanying toppings. It’s quite a spectacle in its own right.”

Tom added, that the public during their first foray into the business world at the recent Food festival, seemed to love the flavours of raspberry and brownie, strawberry and meringue, brownie and honeycomb as well as lemon curd and meringue.

Since 1780, Ballyhussa Farm has been producing high quality milk for distribution using traditional methods. In more recent years, however, with an eye to the future, the family has moved to a robotic voluntary milking system (VMS) in order to maximise yield and efficiency whilst simultaneously improving the quality of life of their pedigree Friesian herd. 

“With these core values in mind, Freezin' Friesian aims to share their passion for food and Friesians by dishing up traditional ice cream, with a modern twist,” added Tom.

The family hope their product will eventually be stocked in shops nationwide and become a staple stall in food festivals.

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