CX series gets 15pc boost in make-over

New Holland's latest CX combine is designed to appeal to technophobes
New Holland's latest CX combine is designed to appeal to technophobes
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

They may not grab as much limelight as the huge CR flagship models, but New Holland has also upgraded its mid-range combines, significantly increasing their capacity and performance.

The CX5000 and CX6000 Elevation combines share the distinctive styling, high output levels and performance of New Holland's flagship combines but are targeted at more price sensitive operators. However, the size of the machines mean they will only be realistic options for contractors and bigger farmers here.

The range offers four basic models, two 5-strawwalker and two 6-strawwalker. In addition, there are two 'Laterale' versions for sustained performance on steep slopes.

The new models stand out for their flexibility and versatility. New Holland claims they offer a solution for all, from livestock farmers who want quality straw to contractors and cash crop farmers who need to easily switch crops without compromising on performance and quality.

The new 'Triple-Clean' cleaning shoe is a simple and innovative feature that increases the combine's cleaning capacity by as much as 15pc.

It consists of an extra cascade in the centre of the grain pan, where an additional air blast removes large volumes of chaff and short straw before final cleaning even starts on the main sieves.

The design means the grain is almost completely cleaned in the first 50cm of the cleaning shoe, resulting in an excellent grain sample. New Holland says its triple cascade approach maintains a high quality of cleaning when the machine is working at its highest capacity.

There is a further increase in capacity on the biggest six strawwalker model, courtesy of the new double flight cross auger that transfers grain to the elevator faster. This results in an increase in throughput of the grain elevator that can be as high as 10pc.

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The field autonomy of the CX5000 and CX6000 Elevation models has been extended to match the combines' increased capacity. Both have been fitted with bigger 670-litre fuel tanks and bigger grain tanks that have a capacity of 8,300 litres for the five strawwalker, and 9,300 litres for the six strawwalker models.

There are also a number of recommended settings to make life easier for the operator.

The performance of the CX5000 and CX6000 Elevation benefits from automatic functions such as cruise control, which resumes a set field speed at the tap of a button.

Meanwhile, a new 31cm wide colour touch screen enables operators to monitor all combine functions and control up to three cameras, further enhancing the excellent all-round visibility.

Technophobe operators will appreciate a new feature that shows recommended combine settings on the screen, making crop settings and crop-to-crop transitions easier.

The adjustable chaff spreading and improved chopper spread width result in an even distribution of crop residue. Bigger, low pressure and increased flexion steering and traction tyres are available for the CX5000 and CX6000 Elevation models, increasing flotation and consequently reducing ground compaction, preserving soil quality and protecting future yields.

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