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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Cull ewe prices are buoyant but spring lambs hit

Limited numbers of ewe hoggets and ewes with lambs at foot continue to enjoy an extremely brisk trade.

Spring lamb has taken a bit of a hit and is back in price by around €10/hd. Cull ewe numbers are still strong and prices steady.

At Wexford Mart lambs were making from €57-68 over the weight, selling in the range of €95-111. Butcher and factory type hoggets sold for €97-118 or €50-70 over, while ewe hoggets made up to €75 with their weight.

The store hogget was selling for €50-65 over at €91-97/hd. Heavy cast ewes made up to €121 and sold from this down to €40 for the thinner lighter types.

Breeding ewes with two lambs at foot sold as high as €218. Ewes with single lambs made from €100-188 with ewes in lamb selling for €95-136.

There was a big sale in Baltinglass where ewes with lambs met an improved trade, selling to a top of €200.

Ewes and single lambs sold for €120/hd. Spring lambs in the 46-50kg bracket sold from €100-105 with the lighter lamb of 40-46kg selling from €90-97.


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Mountbellew had a smaller sale than recent weeks and lambs were back a little, selling in a range of €50-65 over to a top price of €110. Ewe hoggets sold up to €125. First-crop ewes with one lamb each made €190.

Farmers were very anxious for ewes with lambs, especially the younger types. The heavy cull ewe was a good trade making as high as €120 but the trade for thinner ones was tougher, with some selling back to €50/hd.

The top end of the lamb trade was back around €10/hd in Tullow last week but the lower end was steadier. Good lambs sold for €55-64 with the weight. Full-mouthed ewes with lambs at foot made €170-180 but there were no young ewes on offer. The best of the cull ewes made €110, with the general run selling for €60-90. Thin old ewes sold to as low as €30.

There was a good turnout in Athenry yesterday, with the ewe hoggets stealing the limelight selling to a high of €154. The top price for lambs was €66 over the weight for a pen weighing 47kg and selling for €113.

Lambs generally made €58-66 over, while plainer types sold in a range of €45-55 over. Lighter lambs of 35-40kg made €70-90/hd.

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