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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Crafts show set to go big Zolvix's a hit in the North

This year is the Year of Craft -- and to celebrate, the organising committee for this weekend's Shearing Championships is planning one of the biggest indoor arts and crafts expositions ever seen in the southeast as part of the two-day festival.

Kilkenny and the rich surrounding hinterland is a mecca for discerning craft makers, and up to 50 of these will be exhibiting at Cillin Hill this weekend.

The list of exhibitors includes some of the country's finest jewellery makers, fashion designers, potters, ceramic artists, glass manufacturers, leather goods makers and much, much more.

Zolvix's a hit in the North

New sheep wormer Zolvix hit the ground running in its first year on the market, with up to 100,000 doses being used in Northern Ireland alone.

The wormer, which was launched by Novartis Animal Health, treats intestinal roundworms, including those that that have resistance to older classes of wormer.

Simon Harris, from Novartis, said Zolvix had an important role to play in managing the problem of anthelmintic resistance, and reducing the impact that worms have on the health of animals and the economic performance of livestock farmers.

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