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Monday 19 February 2018


Hitch manufacturer Dromone Engineering has again developed its ball and spoon hitch design to include customers who would like to integrate steering linkage into the tractor coupling.

Dromone Engineering's Patrick Duffy said: "This development has been driven by customer requirements with trailed-steered sprayers and, more recently, customers with slurry tankers featuring steering axles. The ball hitch was originally developed in response to increased loads and speeds on current farm tractors. Tractors are getting bigger and faster and the tow hook is getting lost in the backend. The tow hook has been about for many decades now, and a higher specification of trailed unit attachment was needed for certain areas of the market."

There is no movement in the coupling because the fit between the ball and spoon is a machined one. This leads to a more comfortable drive with no play in the connection between the tractor and implement behind. With no movement in the coupling, this hitching system is particularly suited to trailed implements that require integrated steering linkage. This also helps the self-steering axle perform to its optimum.

Patrick said: "The customer does not have to site the implement steering system themselves [on the tractor], but rather Dromone can supply this facility for them integrated into the ball. Each steering system is unique, so each is built to suit the customer's and implement's requirements."

The Dromone ball is also unique in that it operates like the pick-up hook and automatically catches the spoon with no adjustments or locking pins required. The Dromone ball simply replaces the hook or drawbar on tractors equipped with a Dromone pickup hitch.

Patrick says Dromone can supply the ball design to suit other manufacturer's hitches as well.

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