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Monday 18 December 2017

Country's finest young beef bulls go up for sale at Tully

Some of the best young beef bulls in Ireland have been selected from each of the main breeds that participated in the latest Tully intake. These bulls will be among the 49 offered for sale at Tully on Saturday, October 15.

With the bulls' 90-day performance test complete, management has started reducing their concentrate intake to ensure they are acclimatised to their new on-farm environment. The bulls achieved an average daily gain of 1.8-2.6kg. They will be 13-18 months of age on the day of the sale, with an average weight of 730kg.

€uro-Star star ratings & identifying champion bulls

Five of the top seven bulls shown achieved €uro-star ratings that put them in the top 10pc of their respective breeds. The top bulls (see the table, below) were identified within each breed according to three main criteria:

•Visual Score (33pc). All bulls were assessed by one "master scorer", working on behalf of ICBF and each of the beef herdbooks.

•€uro-Star indexes (33pc). Based on the latest official evaluations from ICBF.

•Tully performance data (33pc).

This is broken down as follows:

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•Average daily gain (kg/day)

•Feed conversion efficiency (DMI/ADG)

•Scanned muscle depth (mm)

All bulls at Tully have tested negative for IBR, BVD, Johne's, EBL, TB and Brucellosis before and during their performance test period to ensure they have an excellent health status.

Performance testing at Tully is where each bull is evaluated against other animals of the same age and breed for a period of 90 days. During the performance test, bulls are weighed every 21 days. The seven top bulls achieved average daily gains of 2.1-2.5kg. The four main traits assessed during performance testing are:

•Average daily gain (kg/day): A key indicator of growth rate.

•Feed conversion efficiency (DMI/ADG): The ratio describing the amount of feed consumed per unit of production.

•Scanned muscle and fat depth (mm): These traits are accurate indicators of meat and fat yield.

•Scrotal circumference (cm): Increased scrotal circumference is associated with earlier age at puberty, increased semen production and improved semen quality.

There will be three Blonde d'Aquitaine, one Saler, four Angus, 18 Limousin, 15 Charolais, six Simmental and two Belgian Blue on offer at the sale, which will be taking place minutes from exit 13 off the M7 motorway.

For more information or a copy of the catalogue, contact Stephen or Niall on 045 521 573. The catalogue is also available at

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