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Thursday 23 November 2017

Countdown begins to Limousin Breed World Congress

Delegates from more than 20 counties across five continents are expected to attend the Limousin Breed World Congress which the Irish Limousin Society will have the honour of hosting in August 2016.

The International Conference, which was initiated in 1973, and is held every two years, will take place in Ireland from August 20 to 28. It was last held in Argentina in 2014.

In 2014 a strong contingent from Ireland travelled to the congress in Argentina.

The opening ceremony and banquet will take place in Athlone, with a one-day Technical Conference in Grange to follow, and a nationwide travel programme which will culminate with the much anticipated National Limousin Show, Parade of Champions, Elite ILC Sale, gala banquet and closing ceremony in Kilkenny a week later.

One of the highlights will be a visit to John McInerney's award-winning 'Drummin' Limousin herd in Co Clare.

At Teagasc Centre in Athenry the delegates will be joined by Northwest and Clare Limousin Clubs, for a meal and an evening of Irish traditional music and dance along with a display of their finest Limousin cattle.

Conference discussions will take place during the week and one of the highlights will be the National Limousin Show which will take place in The Hub, Cillin Hill, Kilkenny.

Over 2,000 people are expected to attend the viewing of the best of both pedigree and Commercial Limousin.

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On Satuday the gathering remain at Cillin Hill for the Parade of Champions, the Anglo Irish YMA finals and ILC Elite Sale. The gala banquet and closing ceremony will take place at Cillin Hill.

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