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Contractors in seventh heaven with efficient new Deutz-Fahr

The new Deutz-Fahr Series 7 TTV range is targeted at both contractors and large-scale farmers and offers tractors designed to combine efficiency and productivity.

The range features three models; the 7210, 7230 and the 7250, the latter rated at a maximum of 263hp.

These tractors were launched in Germany last month and make their Irish debut at this week's National Ploughing Championships.

Power is provided by a new six-cylinder Deutz TCD 6.1litre engine which meets the Tier 4a emissions requirements -- with exhaust gasses treated by an SCR catalytic converter.

Engine design features include four valves per cylinder, centrally positioned injectors, a turbocharger, an intercooler and a waste gate along with a Deutz Common Rail (DCR) high-pressure fuel injection system operating at 2,000 bar.

Maximum rated power is delivered at an engine speed of 1,900rpm and the power is virtually constant between 1,600rpm and 2,100rpm.

The 7 TTV range is an example of Deutz-Fahr's successful downsizing strategy which uses a high degree of technology in the design and construction of engines to reduce their size and fuel consumption.

These engines can even run on biodiesel fuel, either blended with ordinary diesel or 100pc pure.

The TTV transmission is manufactured by ZF and is a tried and tested system which is universally respected for its design and reliability.

It provides a top speed of 60kph and, when travelling at 40kph, allows the engine to run at a fuel-saving 1,300rpm.

Control is via a joystick, which provides speed variations from zero through to its top speed.

The 7210 TTV is equipped with a 540/540E/ 1000/1000E gearbox with mechanical selection.

The larger two models have 540E/1000/1000E speeds as standard, with selection made using an electro-hydraulic clutch which also provides a soft start pick-up.


An active wheel-slip control operates when the tractor slows down after the accelerator is released.

This feature activates automatic engagement of four-wheel-drive and differential lock and is designed to increase safety when transporting heavy loads on steep gradients.

Braking is catered for by the PowerBrake and there is the electronic parking brake which provides 'smart' braking in response to the load and data received from the active control of the TTV transmission.

In the hydraulic system there is a separate power-steering pump and a 44l/min pump to power auxiliary circuits.

For the main hydraulic system there is a load sensing pump rated at 120l/min (165l/min can be specified) which feeds four double-acting spool valves as standard and up to seven if requested.

There is a further option for two spool valves to be fitted at the front of the tractor.

All spool valves have timer and flow control functions and their operating levers and ports are colour coded.

Maximum lift capacity for the rear linkage is 10,000kg.

The control is handled by the tractor's EHR electronic management system which offers functions including quick soil engagement, oscillation damping for mounted implements, position selectable transport lock, lift height limiter, rate of drop control and maximum permissible wheel slip setting.

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