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Saturday 18 November 2017

Comprima's world record

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

A Krone Comprima F125XC baler has produced an amazing 149 round bales in one hour -- a world record established in a 35ha field of wheat in eastern Germany. The operator was Ewald Vehring, who teaches agricultural machinery.

Mr Vehring started the machine at exactly 12.05pm, running it for precisely 60 minutes.

Set to the highest density and applying three layers of net wrap to each of the 1.25m diameter bales, the machine stopped at 1.05pm sharp, when the bale counter read 149. 28t of straw were baled in that hour, or an average of 2.5 bales per minute.

"Those 60 minutes were sheer stress for me, even though I am quite a seasoned baler operator," said Mr Vehring. However, it seems he knew he was on to a good thing halfway through his attempt.

"When I first looked at the bale counter after half an hour, the count was already seven bales ahead of the existing record. This was when I realised we were going to set a new world record."

Readers can watch the world record video at

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