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Sunday 19 November 2017

common home treatments

Ash: Burn ash and smoke up

the nostrils for strangles in


Axle grease: Ringworm

Bluestone and tar: Hoof rot

Bog water: Taken from a stagnant pool as a cure for red murrain

Bread soda and paraffin oil: Cure for ringworm in calves

Brown sugar & eggs: Given

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to a delicate calf

Buttermilk and turpentine:

Red murrain; animals should fast for 12 hours afterwards

Cold tea: Scour in calves

Copper wire: Hung from an animal's dewlap to prevent blackleg

Corduroy: Burn under a cows nostrils as a cure for cold

Cream and ashes: Rub on cow's teats for cow pox

Dog oil (liver of dog fish): Soak liver in water for three months, then bottle and dose

Eel's blood: Warts in animals or humans, cut off head and bury afterwards

Envelopes: Cut a penny's worth of envelopes into small bits and boil in milk for scour

Forge water: Gripe in cattle

Goat: Kept with cows to prevent contagious abortion

Goose: Boil the goose and give soup to an animal for the murrain

Goose grease: Pox on a cow's teats

Honey and milk: Mixed and given to horses for bots

Lemonade bottle: Rub to cure a sore breast in a horse

Lime: Put in a dog's ear for fits

Linseed oil: Cough in calves

Paraffin oil: Given to cattle in food or drink as a remedy for grass cough

Porter, brown sugar & ginger: Mix and give twice daily as a cure for murrain

Waste by-product from illicit distillation: Fluke in sheep or abortion in cattle

Sheep's milk: Given to calves with scour

Soot and salt: Cure for the 'piast eireaball'

Stockholm Tar: Used for sore hooves

Strong tea: Cure for red water

Sulphur and turpentine: Ringworm in calves

Tea: Half pound boiled in a pint of water for red murrain

Treacle and Epsom salts:

A pound of each for murrain

Whiskey and wine: Half a glass of each for eight or nine days for white scour

White of egg: With cipins and bandages for broken leg in chicken or bonamh

Wood ash: Lice in cows

Wool oil: Applied to skin for killing vermin in cattle

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