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Why the Farming Independent is worth paying for


Independent journalism is at the heart of the Farming Independent. It’s the journalism that digs deep into the real stories affecting farming communities and farming businesses around the country.

The Farming Independent has for decades been a trusted source of news and advice among the farming community in Ireland and in a world where fake news can be overwhelming, it’s important your trusted news sources continue to deliver news, stories and advice that are important to you, your family and your farming business.

The Farming Independent brings you informed analysis, technical advice, the most up-to-date information on farm schemes and regulations, market news and as well as key writers, opinion leaders, experts and independent journalism.

This takes time, effort and passion, but we believe it’s important to have an independent source of journalism that asks: What happened? Why is it  important? And how does it impact you, the reader? 

That’s why and its farming section will ask our digital readers to support our journalism by subscribing to for stories that are unique, important to our readers and trusted.

Those stories will continue to appear in the print edition of the Farming Independent every Tuesday and from today, we’re asking you to support our efforts by subscribing to the Farming Independent online at for less than €2.50 per week.

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