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Thursday 14 December 2017

Clawbacks on 25,000 land parcels

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Farmers are facing cash clawbacks on as many as 25,000 land parcels under the Department of Agriculture's controversial review of the Land Parcel and Identification System (LPIS).

Cash demands of €1.4m have already been sent to 4,800 farmers and thousands more can expect to receive clawback letters in the post before the review deadline of December 15.

While the Department has not officially commented on the scale of the clawback, department officers at a Farmers Charter meeting with farm organisations last week admitted that almost 30pc of all land parcels being reviewed would need to be amended or re-digitised.

That equates to some 250,000 land parcels.

The officials also revealed that 10pc of those land parcels would result in an overclaim, so the owners of 25,000 land parcels will be subject to clawbacks in the coming weeks.

The European Commission has ordered the Department to report on its land parcel review to Brussels before December 15.

Department staff are currently working through land parcel maps at a rate of 8,000 per day.

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