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Monday 18 December 2017

Claas go beyond the bale with new Pro series

German manufacturer Claas has introduced a new version of their Variant variable belt chamber baler, the Variant Pro. There are four models in the range, the Variant 360RF Pro and 365RC Pro which can make bale sizes from 0.9m to 1.5m in diameter. The two larger models, the Variant 380RF Pro and 385RC Pro, can make bales up 1.7m in diameter.

The 'RF' -- Rotor-Feed -- models use a star-type rotor to feed the crop from the pick-up into the bale chamber while the 'RC' -- Rotor-Cut -- versions are silage chopper-balers. These versions have 14 knives and a heavy duty drive system to cope with the extra load.

All models feature a 2.1m-wide pick-up and four endless high-tensile belts in the bale chamber to form the bale. Bale density is controlled by a hydraulic density control system, including a variable core density facility.

The biggest change in design in the new Variant Pro balers is the introduction of a blockage clearance system like that used in their fixed bale chamber range. In both the Roto-Feed or Roto-Cut models there is a hydraulically operated floor immediately behind the pick-up, similar to much of the competition.

This facility enables blockages to be quickly and simply cleared, according to the firm.

As material flows through the Roto-Feed or Roto-Cut chamber, sensors will automatically detect a potential blockage and trigger both a trip clutch to stop the drive and an alarm to alert the operator. To clear the blockage, the operator then hydraulically lowers the floor and re-engages the drive so that the blockage can pass safely through to the main bale chamber, prior to closing the floor again and re-starting the baling process.

Standard on all four Pro models is the Claas Medium Terminal, which enables functions, such as bale and core density pressure control, total and daily bale counters and bale size adjustment, to be quickly and easily controlled from the cab.

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