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Monday 22 January 2018

Cavan Mart to re-open for business on Friday

Patsy McArdle

Farmers in the Cavan-Monaghan-Leitrim region were delighted this week by the confirmation of the reports that Cavan Mart is to re-open next Friday, October 8, as a subsidiary of Poles Co-op.

The salesyard has been closed since December of last year, when it was then offered for leasing.

Although some parties showed a keen interest in the takeover, none concluded what the parent body, Poles Co-Operative Society, describes as a positive deal.

A spokesman for Poles Co-Op told Farming Independent at the weekend that in deciding to re-open the mart they were declaring, as a "positive incentive to boost trading", that all commission would be reduced by half for this month.

Poles Co-op has been trading successfully in the Cavan area for almost 100 years and the decision to re-open the mart was welcomed this week by all the farming organisations in the area.

Both the IFA and ICMSA predict a very profitable resurgence for the Cavan salesyard in the months ahead, and the president of Cavan Chamber of Commerce, Pacelli Lynch, said the attraction of the additional livestock business to the area would provide a welcome boost for the local economy.

Livestock are already being booked in for next Friday's first sale at the Cavan Mart premises.

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