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Saturday 20 January 2018

Cattle show a drop in price at the marts

Joe Healy

Cattle overall were down somewhat at the marts. Steers showed a drop of between 5-20c/kg, with the majority selling for €2.10-2.60/kg.

Heavier Continental types made €2.00-2.40/kg. Heifers were back by 2-10c/kg and generally moving at €2.00-2.50/kg.

Weanlings suffered a 5-15c/kg fall in the main, with the majority of the bulls making from €2.10-2.90/kg, while most of the heifers sold between €2.00-2.50/kg.

Reacting to the TLT story, a spokesman for Sixmilebridge Mart said that there was a good trade at the mart on Saturday for all stock, with weanling prices especially strong. "Bookings for the coming Saturday are already very high and it will be business as usual," the mart insisted.

There were only 350 weanlings for sale at Kilkenny Mart, but it was probably just as well as numbers of customers were not overly plentiful either.

Having said that, heifers peaked at €3/kg, with the bulls hitting a high of €2.90/kg. The heavy bulls over 400kg ranged from €450 to €700 with their weight. This reflected €2.00-2.40/kg.

Continental bulls between 300kg and 400kg made €380-600 over or €2.15-2.90/kg. Lighter lots moved at €1.75-2.90/kg.

Bullocks weighing less than 375kg made €2.20-3.27/kg or €350-630 with the €1/kg. The heaviest of the heifer weanlings over 400kg sold for €2.00-3.00/kg or up to €915 with the weight. The lighter lots were selling for €1.70-2.80/kg.

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Trade was quieter for the 810 cattle on offer at Dowra Mart last Saturday, with heifers over 550kg selling for €1.90-2.35/kg. Heifers from 400-550 kg made €1.70-2.60/kg. Weanling heifers over 300kg were selling from €1.80/kg to €2.75/kg, while those under 300kg made €2.00-3.00/kg.

A few of the fancier lots made €3.00-3.50/kg. Bullocks over 600kg moved at €1.85-2.25/kg. Lots weighing from 450kg to 600kg were making €1.70-2.65/kg.

Weanling bulls over 450kg made €1.70-2.45/kg, while bulls in the 300-450kg range sold for €1.80-2.80/kg. Bulls under 300kg made from €2.00-3.00/kg. Cows with a calf at foot made €1,800-2,580 for the top outfits, with older pairs making €1,200-1,600.

Balla had 1,300hd of stock offered for sale. Heavy bullocks were making €700-900, with their weight or €1.16-2.70/kg, while lighter plainer types were making from €500-650 with their weights or €1.13-2.61/kg.

Heifers were slightly improved. Lighter heifers under 400kg were selling for €1.42-2.76/kg. Heavy heifers made from €1.45-2.81/kg.

Light weanling bulls under 350kg sold from €500-750, with their weight or €1.54-3.33/kg. Heavier bulls made €1.65-3.48/kg.

The light heifers made from €1.43/kg to €3.47/kg, equating to €400-600 over the weight.

Heavy heifers made €500-700 with their weights or €1.99-2.69/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kgs up in Raphoe made €310-895 over the weight. Beef bullocks were making €415 to €795 over the €1/kg. Stores made from €342-835 over.

Beef heifers ranged from €300 to €895 with their weight. Stores made €300-740 over. Cull cows made €600-1,790 each.

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