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Saturday 16 December 2017

Cattle marts: Trade stays strong for all types as heifers the best sellers

Joe Healy

The cattle trade remains strong at the marts around the country. Heifers for breeding and quality continental store bullocks and heifers were probably the best sellers. Well-fleshed cull cows are also in good demand, while the season's lively trade for weanlings continues.

Balla Mart had 650 calves at their weanling sale. A good trade for all weanlings due to the presence of export buyers kept prices similar to the previous week. Bull weanlings made €280-520 over their weight. Heifer weanlings sold for €260- 485 and trade for the lighter calves was up by €20-40/hd.

On Saturday they had 957 cattle on offer. Overall reports point to a buoyant trade for all types of cattle at the moment. Store bullocks were steady while the prices for heifers, especially the in-calf and breeding types, were up €10-15/hd, with midland and Northern buyers having to compete with a lot of local interest.

Store bullocks made €240- 475 over, plainer lots sold for €200-370 over and the best of the heavy steers made up to €690 over the weight. In the heifer ring, the best of the stores sold for €200-565 over. Heavier heifers made up to €625 over. Dry cows were in great demand as good-quality lots made €100- 275 over the ¤/kg. Suckler cows with calves at foot sold for €1,000-1,840 for the best of the lots on offer, while older cows with calves made €800-1,100/hd.

Numbers were up at Ballinakill Mart. Fancy continental store heifers and bullocks met with the best of the trade, at €340 and €550 over the €/kg respectively. Heavy continental steers made €350-550 over the weight, while lighter store types sold for €220-460 over. Prices for the beef heifers made €260-420 over their weight. Weanling bulls made €210-400 over, while the weanling heifers made €160-300 with their weight.

Trade improved for bullocks at Ballymoate. Outlying continental stores showing a bit of feeding were the best sellers and made €250-345 over.

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