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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Cattle marts: Trade improves all round

Joe Healy

Trade in all marts continued to improve as all female cattle met with increased demand and improved prices of up to €50/hd.

Farmers are active at ringside for the store bullocks, especially the forward types. Nice continental lots freely made €2/kg. Farmer interest is keeping the suckler calf trade strong, while the good milk price at the moment is having a knock-on effect for dairy stock.

Fermoy had more than 50 dairy cows and heifers at their sale and all sold for €1,280-1,560. The top price was for a two-year-old heifer calved one month ago. Most of the third, fourth and fifth calvers sold for €1,300-1,450.

Ballinakill reported a strong trade across the board as a lot of farmer buyers competed against quite a few buyers from Northern Ireland.

Heavy heifers were up €10-20/hd and shared the best of the trade with the forward continental-type store bullock.

Beef heifers sold for €1.70-1.95/kg. The best of the store heifers made €1.98/kg, while the plainer lots sold back to €1.40/kg. Forward stores and beef bullocks sold for €1.70-2.05/kg (up to €605 over the weight). Lighter stores made €1.80-2.10/kg. Prices for the weanling bulls made €1.60-2.00 and heifers sold for €1.40-1.90/kg. Cull cows made €1-1.70/kg. Sucklers with a calf at foot made €900-1,250/unit.

Heifers were said to have been up by as much as €50/hd at Balla. The best of the store heifers made €420-720 over. Heavier lots sold for up to €705 with the weight. Store bullocks made €240-550 with the weight, while plainer lots sold from €230-380 over. Bull weanlings were up €20-40/hd to sell for €340-820 over the weight, while a 400kg Belgian Blue cross sold for €1,220. The top price for suckler cows was €1,670.

Top class bulls over 600kg sold for €500-635 over in Raphoe. Beef bullocks made €280-715 over while the store bullocks sold for €295-585 over. Well-fleshed heifers made €405-735 over. Stores made €255-590 with the weight.

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Kilkenny had larger numbers with 950 cattle on offer. Trade was steady. Heifers and cull cows met a good demand and this was reflected in prices achieved. Store heifers made €1.74-2.07. Continental cull cows made €1.20-1.55/kg and Friesians made €0.90-1.40/kg.

Trade and prices were similar to last week at Wexford Farmers' Mart for the 595 animals present. Beef bullocks made €315-675 over for €895-1,475 each. Store bullocks sold for €280-600 over at €690-930. Prices for beef and butcher heifers were €880-1,215 (€305-630 over). Stores made €245-500 over.

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