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Friday 17 November 2017

Cattle marts: Strong farmer demand for weanling bulls at Dowra

Joe Healy

Dowra Mart had 760 cattle on offer with a strong trade reported for all categories.

Store bullocks made €250-500 over the weight. Weanling bulls met with strong farmer demand and sold from €250-€550 over. Store heifers sold for €200-400 over the €1/kg, while a few choice lots for breeding made up to €700 over.

Prices for weanling heifers ranged from €200-450 over.

Some of the better quality lots made up to €600 along with their weight. The best of the dry cows sold for €150-350 over, while the older, plainer cows sold for €100 under up to €100 over. A special entry of in-calf heifers ranged from €1,500-2,200 for the top lots, while the plainer types made from €1,000-1,400.

Kilkenny reported a similar trade to the previous week for the steers, while the forward and quality heifers and cull cows met an increased demand.

Heavy continental steers over 600kg made €1.60-1.73/kg or €330-565 over the weight.

Lighter types made €1.68-1.94/kg in a price range over the €1/kg of €360-490. Friesian steers sold for close to €1.40/kg or €150-240 over.

Continental beef and butcher heifers made €1.50-1.84/kg. For example, a Limousin heifer weighing 440kg sold for €810 (€1.84/kg). Aberdeen Angus and Hereford store heifers made €1.40-1.50/kg, while continentals made €1.60-2.05/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot made from €850-1,100. Friesian cull cows sold from €140 under up to €150 over their weight, while the beef breeds made €50-280 over at €0.73-1.40/kg.

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On Saturday, Balla Mart had 1,210 head. Overall, there was a buoyant trade for all types of cattle. Prices for store bullocks were steady. Prices for heifers, especially breeding types, were up €10-20. Quality steers made €240-485 over the €/kg, while the plainer lots sold for €200-250 over. Heavy heifers sold up to €600 over their weight, while the store heifers made upwards of €200 over.

Bull weanlings made from €320-603 over their weight, while the heifers posted €260-485 over. Dry cows were in great demand and the quality lots made €100-275 over.

The best of the suckler cows with calves at foot made €1,000-1,700. Older cows with calves sold for €800-1,060.

On Saturday next, Balla Mart is holding a special sale of 40 continental heifers due to calve down in January and February to a Limousin bull.

Top quality bulls over 600kg at Raphoe sold for €300-645 over the weight. Beef bullocks made €230-250 over, while the stores sold for €200- 485 over the €1/kg. Prices for the beef heifers made €250-520 over the weight. Store heifers sold for €200-435 over. Fleshy cull cows sold to a top price of €1,330, while the thinner, plainer types sold back to €400 each.

Continental bullocks between 400kg and 500kg were the best sellers at Ballymote Mart at €250-475 over the weight.

Breeding heifers made up to €580 over. Heifers for further feeding from 400-500kg met with a keen demand and made up to €420 over. Non-continental types sold for €100- 250 over.

At the special suckler cow sale, a strong selection of mainly continental first calvers sold for €1,000-1,700. A few lots with calves at foot made up to €2,080.

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