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Friday 24 November 2017

Cattle marts: Steady trade evident as interest in quality remains

Joe Healy

Marts are reporting a steady trade with some categories improved by €10-15/hd. Quality stock continues to attract good interest and prices reflect this. Plainer stock were probably proving a bit tougher to sell. Exporters and farmers were very active for the good types of weanlings.

Ballymote Mart had their biggest sale of the year with 900 lots on offer. Charolais types, both bulls and heifers were most in demand by farmers with exporters very keen for suitable BB calves.

The lighter bulls under 200kg were making €200-320 over the weight. Bulls 200-300kg made €200-515 over. Heavier weanlings over 300kg generally sold from €220-570 over the €/kg.

The top priced heifers all went for export, with some of the best BB females making as high as €500 over while a few quality Limousin cross heifers weighing 360kg sold for €1,025. Most were selling between €200-300 over their weight.

Suitable breeding heifers were commanding keen interest and prices. Females weighing 400-600kg sold for €250-780 over the kilogramme and beefy heifers made €300-595 over.

Wexford Farmers' Mart had a much larger entry of weanlings last week with 725 on offer. Bulls made €280-475 over with choice lots making up to €585 over. Prices varied from €580-905/hd. The general run for the heifers was €200-385 over.

At their cattle sale, prices were steady. Best demand was for the quality forward stores where most of the stock in this category sold for €200-485 over.

They had 65 suckler calves on offer with stronger demand for all classes especially for quality continental calves. Prices improved €10-15/hd. Continental bull calves made up to €155-405. Heifers sold for €130-375.

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Top class bulls over 600kg up in Raphoe made €250-490 over the weight. Store bullocks ranged from €200-470 over the €/kg. The beef heifers were selling for €255-665 over the weight while the store heifers made €200-490 over. Dry cows prices ran from €460-1,300 each.

Trade was a tad quieter all round at Ballinakill Mart. However, demand was fairly strong for nice young heifers, dry cows and fancy store bullocks. Those stores sold for €280-515 over the weight while the beef bullocks made €360-450 over. Finished heifers were making €275-400 over the €/kg with the stores making €260-310 over the weight. The weanling bulls and heifers struggled a bit with the bulls selling for €240-400 over and the heifers at €200-280 over.

At Kilkenny Mart, forward continental store bullocks made from €1.85-1.99/kg with the plainer Friesian steers selling up to €1.42/kg. Lighter quality steers sold between €1.90-2.21/kg. Angus and Friesians were making €1.37-1.47/kg.

Beef heifers made €220-370 over the weight with the continentals making €1.50-1.63/kg.

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