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Wednesday 24 January 2018

Cattle Marts: Lively trade for quality weanlings

Joe Healy

THE MART trade for weanlings, store and heavy cattle remains very lively again this week.

Active Northern Ireland buyers are a feature in a number of the marts with good local farmer interest also noticeable as good grass growing conditions continue. The top quality weanling suitable for export is commanding excellent attention and price.

Balla Mart had 925 cattle for sale on Saturday. Bullock prices were up by €20-30/hd. Heifers were steady and intense farmer demand resulted in some exceptional prices paid for some light store bullocks with more buyers in attendance, particularly from Northern Ireland.

Store bullocks made from €250-610 over the weight while plainer lots sold for €200-440 over.

In the heifer ring the best of the store and weanling heifers made €180-475 over.

Dry cows were in great demand, with the good quality cows making from €150-300 over their weight. Good suckler cows with a calf at foot were selling for €1,100-1,330/hd. Older cows with calves made from €800/hd upwards.

Balla Mart's end of month continental sale takes place next Saturday, August 28. Trade at Ballymote was improved with strong local farmer interest as well as agents acting for midland and northern customers for steers and heifers.

Bullocks from 300-400kg were making €200-375 over. The general run for the 400-500kg steers was €300-470 over the weight while the heavier lots sold for €300-500 over.

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The lighter heifer was making €250-410 over with the fleshier heavier types made from €300-565 over.

Top class bulls over 600kgs at Raphoe Mart made €305-580 over the weight. The beef bullocks were selling for €365-650 over with the stores making €250-545 over the weight. Some top quality beef heifers made as high as €680 over while the general run was in the €245-500 over bracket. Store heifers sold for €200-435 over the weight.

Plain store dry cows sold down to €415 but prices as high as €1,095 were paid for some of the top continental types.

There were bigger numbers of cattle at Kilkenny Mart and they enjoyed a better trade. Steers over 600kg made from €300-640 over their weight with the 400-600kg lots selling from €250-510 over or €1.50-1.97/kg.

Light stores made €140-450 over with the better types making up to €2.33/kg. The continental beef heifers were selling for €1.60-1.88/kg or up to €525 over the weight with the Hereford and Angus types selling for €1.45-1.52/kg. Nice limousin butcher heifers made as high as €2.06/kg or €515 over while the rest ranged from €270-500 over. The stores sold in a range of €140-390 over. Suckler cows sold for €850-1,100. Some exceptional bull weanlings made up to €3.15/kg with the normal run making from €1.80-2.50/kg. The weanling heifer made €1.70-2.30/kg.

Trade was very strong for the 260 cattle on offer at Dowra Mart with best demand for the forward store heifers and the top quality weanling bulls and heifers. Forward store heifers over 450kg made from €300-500 over their weight while the best of the lighter stores and the weanling heifers were selling for €250-450 over.

Plainer sorts made from €100-200 over. Store bullocks over 450kg were making €300-450 over the weight while lighter lots and the best of the weanling bulls made from €300-500 over. Dry cows sold from €100 over up to €300 over for the best of the young cows while young cows with calves at foot made from €1,000-1,430. The older cows with calves at foot made from €700-950 each.

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