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Cattle marts: Factory men remain keen

The mart trade remains strong with local, midland and Northern Ireland buyers very active, especially for the better quality lots. Factory men and exporters were also very keen for suitable stock. Prices and interest for good dairy stock are strong and it is a similar story for the suck calves.

Two and three-week-old Friesian bull calves weighing between 40-50kg at Ennis Mart were selling for €105-152 each.

Ballymote Mart reported trade as steady with strong export interest in weanlings and in store cattle with strong forward types making most.

Bullocks 400-550kg made €200-400 over. Northern buyers were active in the heifer ring with the 350-500kg types making €250-535 over the weight. Lots over 500kg sold from €250-725 over.

Their Annual Spring Show and Sale for bullocks takes place this Friday, February 18.

Wexford Mart had 590 cattle. The beef steers made €320-685 over at prices of €895-1,485. The stores were making €275-600 over their weight. Beef and butcher heifers sold in a price range of €875-1,285 or €300-620 over the €/kg. Lighter types were making €240-495 over.

Top class bulls over 600kg in Raphoe made €450-820 over the weight. Beef bullocks were selling €415-675 over. Stores made €200-510 over the €/kg.

Prices for beef heifers ran from €260-710 over the weight. Store heifers sold from €200-525 over. Dry cows prices ranged from €510 for the plainer lots up to €1,265 for the well-fleshed cows.

On Saturday, Balla Mart had 857 cattle on offer with numbers well up on last year. Bullocks remain especially buoyant and were up on the previous week again due to the demand from additional farmers buying. Quality store bullocks made from €240-540 with the weight while plainer lots sold from €200-340 over.

Heifers were well up on last week, the tops up of €20-30/hd. The best of the stores made from €320-600 over the €/kg.

Suckler cows with calves at foot made from €1,000-1,910/unit for the best of the lots on offer while older cows made from €720-1,400.

A special sale of weanlings and sucklers resulted in a bigger than normal turnout at Kilkenny Mart. Trade was firm across the board with the heifers probably showing a slight improvement. The heavy continental types were selling for €1.70-1.86/kg or €300-500 over the weight. Butcher heifers made €300-400 over in a range of €1.60-1.79/kg. Stores sold from €1.80-2.24/kg.

Heavy steers over 600kgs made €1.50-1.93/kg with the Friesian types selling around €1.25-1.45/kg.

Forward stores made €1.50-2.05/kg with the lighter lots under 500kgs making €150-445 over the €/kg or €1.50-2.49/kg.

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