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Saturday 16 December 2017

Cattle marts: All stock categories stay strong as heifers increase by €10-20/hd

Joe Healy

Marts reported a continuing strong trade for all categories this week, with heifer prices up by €10-20/hd in some sale yards, while farmer and exporter interest in suckler calves led to improved prices for all breeds.

Despite some pressure on beef prices at the factories, the mart trade for fat stock remains lively.

Dairy cows also continued to sell well, despite the threat of a super levy.

At Ennis mart, milky cows made €1,100-1,480 each. It was a similar story in Fermoy, where youngish freshly calved cows sold for €1,280-1,480.

Balla Mart had a special U- and R-grade weanling sale on Saturday in conjunction with the usual cattle sale. With 1,230 animals on offer, heifers were well up and the best lots were up €20-30/hd.

Quality store heifers made €320-675 over. Heavier lots made up to €700 with their weight. Store bullocks made €240-550 with the weight while plainer lots sold for €200-360 over.

The best heavy bullocks made up to €705 with the €1/kg. Cull cows sold for €230-540 over their weight, young suckler cows with calves at foot made €1,000-1,640 while older types made €720 and upwards.

Beef bullocks at Wexford Farmers' Mart sold for €315-680 over the weight, while stores made €275-595. Beef and butcher heifers prices were up by €10-20/hd at prices of €300-615 with the €/kg. Store heifers made €235-490 over, while cull cows sold for €120-565 over the weight.

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There was strong farmer and exporter interest in the 145 suckler calves on offer. Strong Friesian bulls made up to a top price of €325/hd but prices started at €115/hd. Angus, Hereford and Continental bulls made €215-415 each while the heifers made €185-390.


Top-class bulls over 600kg sold for €310-715 over the weight up in Raphoe. Prices for beef bullocks ranged from €425-700 over, while stores made €250-580 over. Well-fleshed heifers sold for €250-610 over, while stores made €200-635 over.

Trade was brisk at Ballinakill for the 500 cattle on offer but particularly for the forward stores and culls. Heavy steers sold for €450-710 over the weight, while forward stores made €390-620 over and lighter lots sold for €350-575 over.

Prices for the fleshy heifers ran from €370-520 over the weight, with store prices back €70 on those figures. Weanling bulls made €300-430 over and weanling heifers made €250-385 over. Cull cow prices ranged from €1/kg up to €470 over, while suckler cows sold for €1,070-1,350.

Kilkenny had a smaller sale of 560hd but the trade was sharp, especially for better-quality stock. Heavy Continental steers over 600kg made up to €1.89/kg.

Angus steers made a top price of €1.96/kg, while Friesian bullocks of 400-600kg made €1.46-1.76/kg. Continentals in this weight range sold for €1.65-1.96/kg, while lighter Continental steers sold for €1.80-2.30/kg. Some top-quality Charolais lots made up to a high of €2.91/kg.

Factory and butcher heifers made up to €1.97/kg, with a range of €250-510 over their weight. Stores made €1.60-2.31/kg. Friesian cull cows sold from €50 under up to €180 over the weight.

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