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Friday 23 March 2018

Cattle marts: A rip-roaring trade at all marts

Joe Healy

A rip-roaring trade is the report from every mart around the country as all categories of stock continue to meet with extremely lively demand.

Outlying forward store bullocks and steers are probably the best sellers at the moment, with anything showing a bit of quality freely making more than €2/kg.

Dairy stock, despite looming quota problems, are selling very strongly, as are all suckler calves. When asked about the current trade, one mart manager said that it was almost totally farmer-driven.

Freshly calved dairy cows sold to a top of €1,700 in Ennis, while the general run sold for €1,300-1,500. Suckler cows made €1,050-1,400 and one cow and her calf sold for €1,950. The nice British Friesian-type bull calf sold for €150-170, while younger, lighter types made €80-130. Continental bull and heifer calves sold for up to €450 and €400 respectively.

Ballinakill had 650 cattle on offer and outlying store bullocks and heifers met with a lively trade. Forward store bullocks sold for €1.80-2.25/kg, lighter types made €1.60-2.10/kg and the heavy steers sold for €1.80-2.15/kg. Beef heifers made €1.80-2.10/kg, stores sold for €1.50-1.80/kg and weanling bulls and heifers made €1.60-2.15/kg.

Dowra Mart had 710 cattle on offer last Saturday and saw very strong farmer demand for store and weanling heifers. Outlying store bullocks were also much sought after. Forward store heifers over 500kg made €350-600 over the weight, while a few fancy lots for breeding made up to €800 over.

Lighter stores and the heavier weanling heifers sold for €300-500 over the €1/kg, while the lighter weanling heifers made €250-500 over. Store bullocks over 550kg made €400-650 over. The lighter stores made €450-650 with the weight. Weanling bulls over 500kg made €400-600 over and the lighter weanling bulls sold for €350-500 over.

The best of the young, fit cull cows made €250-420 over, while older lots sold for €50-180 over. Young, in-calf suckler cows and heifers made €1,250-1,880. Young cows with calves at foot sold for €1,200-1,700.

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Numbers and prices were strong at Balla Mart. Compared to the same day last year, the average price was up €140/hd.

Heifers traded better than the previous week as the best of the stores made €420-700 over. Heavier heifers sold up to €725 over, bull weanlings made €320-555 with their weight, heifer weanlings made €280-450 over, store bullocks sold for €350-630 with their weight and plainer lots made €300-480 over.

The best of the heavy bullocks made up to €850 with the €1/kg. Good cull-cow prices were €230-435 over, while suckler cows with a calf at foot made €1,100-1,680 for the best of the lots on offer and older cows made €750-1,355/unit.

Up in Raphoe, the heavy bulls of more than 600kg made €455-825 with the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €455-660 over, while prices for stores varied between €250 and €680 over the €1/kg.

Beef heifers made €340-605 over the weight, stores sold for €230-550 over and the top price for the cull cows was €1,650 as the rest sold from this back to €695.

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