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Wednesday 17 January 2018

CaseIH unveils variable PTO

CaseIH's CVT design allows the PTO to run at a rated speed independent of the engine rpm
CaseIH's CVT design allows the PTO to run at a rated speed independent of the engine rpm

CaseIH recently unveiled its new CVT PTO design, which enables PTO speed to be achieved independent of the engine's speed.

Traditionally, the link between the engine and PTO is fixed because gears mechanically connect the drive between the two. Different PTO output speeds are achieved by changing PTO range speed from 540rpm to 1,000rpm or ECO versions of the same.


These limitations are removed with the new design from CaseIH, which has created a drive system in which the fixed mechanical link is replaced with a variable drive system.

CaseIH says the infinitely adjustable PTO shaft principle is the same as that of the CVX infinitely variable transmission.

The desired PTO shaft speed is controlled independently of the engine, which, Case says, allows both to operate at the optimum power and fuel consumption levels for the work in hand.

Like the vario-transmissions, the variable drive to the PTO is achieved through power-split drive technology, combining mechanical and hydraulic power components.

The hydrostatic unit in the drive system is fitted with drive sensors at both ends of the PTO shaft hydrostat, and these continuously monitor the speeds of the engine and the shaft.

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Engine speed can also be reduced while the PTO shaft is engaged, with the hydrostatic unit compensating for the drop in engine speed and maintaining PTO rpm.

All can be tied into CaseIH's Automatic Productivity Management concept, so the tractor automatically controls engine speed according to power demand.

This, according to CaseIH, improves efficiency and is easier on the operator.

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