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Thursday 14 December 2017

Case study two

John Bourke Two Mile Borris,Tipperary. John is a 34-year-old dairy farmer based near Horse and Jockey.

"I got an iPhone last June. It's been a revelation for me. It was €150 with an upgrade. I spend about €85 per month on the bill. It's about the same amount that I was spending on the old phone, which was internet-enabled but just wasn't easy enough to use online.

"The only time I got a fright with the bill was the time when I was on holiday in central America. I was just checking the news headlines on the TodayFM application (app) each morning to see what was happening at home but it cost me a fortune. I've learnt my lesson!

"I might have originally got the phone just to keep up with the girlfriend but I'd be lost without it now. I use a lot of apps during the day. I find myself using the converter app a lot to convert feet to metres and stones to kilogrammes.

"Little things like being able to see all the previous texts that have been sent to me by the co-op on my milk solids allows me to track changes easier. I'm also on the milk committee in Centenary Co-op so I find myself checking international commodity prices online quite a bit.

"I'd also be comparing the weather forecasts between Met Eireann and the BBC. It even tells me the local temperature. I'd often find myself checking bits and pieces online when I'm waiting for a cow to calve. Even just on Facebook, keeping in touch with the lads.

"I used to be hard on phones but I haven't had any problems with this one yet. The brother also has one and he has no problems either."

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