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Thursday 26 April 2018

Case offers a sneak preview of new Maxxum at Ploughing

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Farmers on the Continent will have to wait until Agritechnica in November to see them, but the Farming Independent can reveal that Case IH will be taking their new Maxxum CVX Efficient Power tractors to the National Ploughing Championships in Laois next week. Ploughing punters will see Case IH present three new models with continuously variable transmissions in the Maxxum Efficient Power series.

The move extends the firm's CVX offering to four-cylinder tractors, with the Maxxum 110 CVX, 120 CVX and 130 CVX representing the latest all-purpose tractors for the widest range of tasks featuring powerful engines and comfortable cabs. "These models follow the trend in continuously variable transmissions and extend our CVX offering in the medium power class with four-cylinder engines", says Vincent Hazenberg, product manager responsible for the Maxxum series at Case IH.


The Maxxum CVX models are equipped with proven CVX transmissions with double-clutch technology. These transmissions operate completely continuously between zero and 50kph and offer high overall efficiency in two mechanical operating ranges. Hydraulic power is available uniformly across the whole speed range of the tractor and requires less than 25pc of total power output.

Meanwhile, 50kph Eco Speed is achieved at a reduced engine speed of 1,750 rpm (40kph at 1,600rpm). The gear change between the two operating ranges takes place automatically using the double clutch.

The double-clutch technology ensures that frictional losses are minimised for maximum efficiency. Maxxum CVX tractors will be equipped with Case IH Automatic Productivity Management (APM), a system already proven with the larger Case IH tractors. APM automatically reduces engine speed if less power is required. Maxxum tractors will also feature an active stop control system.

The new Maxxum CVX tractors will be powered by four-cylinder engines which have a capacity of 4.5 litres. All models feature electronic common rail injection. The engines deliver a real power boost – 10pc higher performance at a reduced engine speed of 1,900 rpm.

This enables a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. Efficient Power means that each engine has the Case IH SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). They are optimised for efficiency so that maximum torque is reached at an engine speed of just 1,500 rpm. Maxxum tractors will also be equipped with an engine management system that makes up to 22hp available above rated power. For example, the Maxxum 130 CVX (which will be on show at the Ploughing) has a maximum power of 143hp, which can be boosted by the engine management system to up to 163hp for PTO and transport work.

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The system for controlling idling revs has received an innovative development. A newly-developed software function reduces fuel consumption further with operating costs reduced accordingly. Idling speed is automatically reduced from 850rpm to 650rpm 30 seconds after the driver leaves the cab, providing neither the electronic remotes nor hitch are in operation.


The new Maxxum CVX series is supplied with a surround cab, offering one of the most comfortable tractor working environments on the market. The cab is the largest in its class and provides exceptionally good visibility through a total glazed area of 5.78 square metres. The four-pillar design and integrated roof window offer an uninterrupted view with a 105 degree field of vision to the front, which is ideal for working with a front loader. With a noise level of just 69dB, Maxxum tractors are equipped with the quietest cabs on the market.

The new tractors benefit from the command and control concept already proven on large Case IH tractors up to 600hp.

All the important keys and buttons – and the Multicontroller – are integrated into the right-hand armrest. A touch-screen monitor can also be fitted to the console, making the Maxxum a good candidate for precision farming. New Maxxum CVXs will be fitted with the latest generation of the Case IH Multicontroller. Case IH claims this has been improved further in terms of operation and ergonomics. For example, you only need to press one button to change the direction of travel, while the surface of the control keys has been enlarged for easier operation.


As an all-rounder, the Maxxum will be equipped with a flexible hydraulics system. An axial piston pump delivers high flow rates of up to 125 litres per minute, including pressure and flow rate regulation when required.

The rear hitch is capable of lifting up to 7,864kg, while the front hitch lifts up to 3,100kg. Up to seven electro-hydraulic remotes enable the operation of a wide spectrum of equipment. Up to four hydraulic connections are available at the rear.

A new control system for the front hydraulics should make it easier to operate front-mounted machinery. Two hitch heights can be pre-programmed so the automatic float regulation system automatically switches to float mode as soon as the relevant working position is reached. This is ideal for working with front-mounted mowers, for example.

The new Maxxum CVX Efficient Power series will be manufactured at the St Valentin plant in Austria and will be available from January 2014.

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