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Monday 23 October 2017

C&G opens doors to Massey market

Adjustable hinge assembly makes for easy fit to MF300 ranges

Ian Smith, AGCO's supplier development specialist, takes a look at a C&G delivery of Massey Ferguson 300 series doors ready for dispatch
Ian Smith, AGCO's supplier development specialist, takes a look at a C&G delivery of Massey Ferguson 300 series doors ready for dispatch

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At last year's National Ploughing Championships, Co Kildare firm C&G Cabs announced that it had just signed a deal with AGCO's Massey Ferguson to manufacture and supply complete doors for the Massey Ferguson 300 series cab. At that time the ink was still wet on the deal and production hadn't begun or prices announced.

New 300 series tractors were popular here in Ireland, and in the recent recessionary times proved a popular import from Britain, with several hundred units brought into the country.

Many of the 300 series were, and still are, the main tractor, and/or loader tractor on many Irish farms, with perhaps the 390 and 390T being the most popular.

As a loader tractor, movement in and out of the cab tends to be heavy, with the door often suffering wear, corrosion or physical damage.

Massey Ferguson says that after the demise of the GKN Sankey original door that AGCO Parts once offered, the firm reluctantly moved to a bare frame and the individual components for the dealer to assemble. This, the company found, was met with some resistance, with dealers seeking to go back to offering the complete door for sale to customers.


The complete door assembly for the left- or right-hand side offered by C&G was the ideal option for the machinery giant.

"After getting patent pending status on our adjustable hinge concept, we started manufacturing the doors in November and had them ready to deliver to AGCO for the first week of February," said C&G director Tom Maher.

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Unique to the C&G doors is the adjustable hinge assembly, which facilitates easy fitting and aligning of its doors to the many MF300 series tractors still out there. To protect its design, the firm needed to get its unique door assembly patented.

"We got some help from Enterprise Ireland for the patent application and then got the first batch manufactured and shipped without a glitch," Mr Maher said.

The deal came at a time when the recession was perhaps at its peak last year. Now, though, things are on the up, said William Ganly, managing director at C&G Cabs.

"Business has picked up recently with a solid stream of orders coming from both Ireland and England for forklift, dumper, tractor, roller and fairway mower cabs. We are getting a lot of enquiries through our website and use it as our main marketing tool."

As part of the deal between the Kildare firm and machinery giant AGCO, there is an exclusivity agreement between the two, so the C&G-manufactured doors are only available through the Massey Ferguson dealer network.

"The 300 series doors are now in stock through the AGCO warehouse network and already selling," confirmed AGCO's area parts sales manager, Sean Gorman.

The price of the new door assembly, left or right, is €905 plus VAT.

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