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CAN prices hold steady despite upward pressure

CAN was still being purchased last week for €300/t by buyer groups, and big individual buyers, despite significant upward pressure on prices.

However, quotes in the latest IFA fertiliser price survey show a variation of up to €30/t between merchants.

Quotes for big bags of CAN delivered in Munster ranged from €295 to €325/t and from €310 to €325/t in Connacht.

Quotes in north Leinster ranged from €300 to €330/t, while in south Leinster prices were in the range €300-325/t.

Buyers in Ulster were being quoted €305-335/t.

Urea prices ranged from €380/t at the bottom end of the market to €440/t at the top.

IFA inputs team leader Chris Hayes said the best deals were available from some merchant who purchased stocks early in the season. He said quotes were particularly competitive where favoured customers were in danger of being poached by other merchants.

Farmers in Munster were being quoted €390-410/t for big bags of urea delivered, while the range in Ulster was wider at €385-435/t.


Buyers in north Leinster were being offered urea at €390/t (cash on delivery) to €420/t, while in south Leinster prices ranged from €390 to €440/t.

On the international front, wholesale urea prices appear to be coming under pressure in recent days as buyer resistance to high prices develops.

However, tighter than normal supplies of ammonium nitrate in France was expected to prevent a slide in CAN prices in the short term.

German company K&S increased its wholesale bulk CAN price for January to €275/t, following Yara's price move from €271 to €275/t.

Nonetheless, industry observers maintained that if the price of urea continued to fall, it would put downward pressure on CAN prices.

Prices for big bags of 18-6-12 delivered on-farm ranged from €395 to €440/t, while 10-10-20 quotes ranged from €430 to €460/t.

Quotes for bagged CAN plus sulphur, varied from €327 to €333/t delivered.

Meanwhile, Target Fertiliser and Glanbia look set to go head-to-head in a bid to win over Boortmalt's fertiliser customers after the company indicated it would not be handling fertiliser any longer.

It is understood that farmers with big fertiliser requirements are being wooed by representatives of both companies.

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