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Wednesday 13 December 2017

CAN down to €220/t as fertiliser prices ease

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Fertiliser prices continue to fall as the main season comes to a close, with CAN down to €220/t in some areas.

The latest IFA fertiliser price survey shows that the keenest quotes for CAN are in the northern half of the country, with bagged prices at €220/t delivered. However, in the southern half of the country, best available prices are €10/t higher at €230/t.

German wholesale CAN prices have eased back to €170/t but only part of the price drop has been passed back to farmers, according to IFA inputs team leader Chris Hayes.


"There is potential for CAN prices to fall by a further €10/t," he insisted.

Quotes for Pasture Sward (27-2.5-5), Cut Sward (24-2.5-10) and 18-6-12 have also eased.

The lowest quote for 27-2.5-5 is €295/t, with 24-2.5-10 available at €300/t and 18-6-12 selling for €295/t.

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