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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Cahill slams Green hunt moves

Declan O'Brien

Declan O'Brien

ICMSA has called on rural deputies to "rediscover their backbones" and confront the Green Party's drive to curb hunting and other rural pastimes.

Association president Jackie Cahill has given his full support to the RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) campaign against this year's Wildlife (Amendment) Bill.

Mr Cahill said that farmers and the general rural population were astonished to see Environment Minister John Gormley devoting valuable legislative time and public resources to a matter that could only be described as utterly insignificant when set against the size and scale of the general problems facing the country and farmers in particular.

He said it was almost impossible to imagine how Minister Gormley could have decided that this was a matter that needed his attention.


"ICMSA members will share the irritation of people all over the country who wonder how it is that, in the midst of the worst economic and agricultural depression in 70 years, we have a senior cabinet minister who can find no more productive task with which to divert himself than the banning of a centuries-old hunt," Mr Cahill said.

"Is Minister Gormley serious? Is his party serious? Where is the prioritising that we have a right to expect?" he asked.

Mr Cahill said it was time for deputies from parties that receive huge support in rural constituencies to stand up for the people they represent.

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"ICMSA will want to see some rural deputies rediscover their backbones and explain to the Greens, in general, and Minister Gormley, in particular, that it is simply not acceptable to have perfectly legitimate pastimes banned."

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