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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Busy week across the board with strong demand for weanlings

Joe Healy

The marts reported another brisk week with strong demand across the board.

The majority of the store bullocks were selling for €2.20-2.70/kg, with choice lots making more. Heavier lots made from €2.15/kg to €2.50/kg in the main. Plainer types are making €1.80-2.00/kg. A range from €2.25/kg to €2.75/kg bought most of the heifers, with lesser lots varying from €1.95/kg to €2.10/kg.

Solid demand for weanlings saw €2.40-3.00/kg paid for a large portion of the bulls, while the bulk of the weanling heifers sold for €2.60-3.10/kg.

A special sale of weanling heifers in Mohill during the week met with keen farmer interest and prices for the nice quality types between 300-370kg ranged from €3/kg to €3.50/kg.


In the suck calf rings, the Friesian bulls are generally selling for €100-200, with the continental heifers and bulls making €250-400 in the main. Hereford and Angus calves are moving at €250-350.

Suckler cow prices for the most part range from €1,200 to €1,500, while top continental types with a calf at foot are making up to €2,000/unit.

Ballinakill had 285 cattle on offer. The heifers in particular sold very well, with the fleshed types making €2.30-2.95/kg and the stores €1.90-2.85/kg.

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Store bullocks of all weighs met a brisk trade also, especially the heavier lots which sold for €2.00-3.00/kg. Lighter continental stores made €2.10-2.80/kg. Weanlings moved at €1.70-2.70/kg. Cull cows ranged from €1.70/kg to €2.60/kg.

Dowra had 780 Cattle on offer last Saturday. Trade was very brisk for all classes.

Weanling heifers under 300kg varied from €2.30/kg to €4.10/kg. Lots between 300-400kg made €2.00-3.30/kg.

Heifers from 400-550kg were making €1.90-2.90/kg, while lots over 550kg made €2.10-3.00/kg. Weanling bulls under 300kg made from €2.20/kg up to a top of €4.30/kg.

The 300-400kg bulls sold for €2.00-3.30/kg. Heavier bulls made €2.20-3.00/kg. Store bullocks up to 500kg ranged from €2.00/kg to €2.75/kg.

Heavier types moved at €1.90-2.70/kg. The tops of the young cull cows made €1.80-2.40/kg. Store cows were very much in demand and selling for €1.20-2.00/kg.

Carnew had their show and sale with 1,200hd on offer.

There was keen local and English farmer demand. Beef heifers were making €700-1,000 with the weight. Forward stores sold for €550-1,200 over.

They had 100 suck calves for sale. Friesian bulls sold for €80-245. Continental bulls sold for €250-490, while the heifers made €170-440.

Hereford and Angus calves ranged from €180/hd to €400/hd.

A special suckler cow sale at Mayo/Sligo Mart saw strong demand from local farmers. Cows with a calf at foot made up to €1,650. In-calf heifers were making up to €1,840. Suck calf numbers are increasing.

Continental calves made up to €540 and agents are now looking for Friesian bull calves.

A top price of €2,070 was paid for an 864kg cull cow. Sucklers peaked at €1,900.

Ennis reported a big sale with 784 cattle on offer.

Overall the trade was steady with some very fancy prices paid for quality lots. Weanling bulls up to 400kg averaged €2.64/kg, with heavier bulls at €2.60/kg.

Light heifers averaged €2.75/kg and heavier heifers over 400kgs at €2.50/kg.

Farmers and shippers were very active for stock. Suckler cows met a great trade topping out at €2,500, with in-calf stock making up to €1,500.

Suck calf numbers are rising. Friesian bulls were making from €90-220. Continental calves made up to €550.

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