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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Bumper dumper deal for Irish cab manufacturer in Australia

Co Kildare firm C&G Engineering Ltd has landed a deal to supply dumper cabs to Australian firm Earthmoving Equipment Australia (

In Ireland the firm produces cabs for a broad range of products, but tractor cabs and cab doors for the MF300 series is what most in the agri-sector would know them best for.

According to Will Ganly, managing director of C&G Engineering, Earthmoving Equipment Australia (EEA) is the biggest site dumper dealer in Australia and is based in Penrith just outside Sydney.

C&G has signed a deal which allows EEA to act as distributors of all types of C&G cabs in to the Australasian market. The Australasian territory covers Australia, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea.

"We are delighted to sign an agreement with EEA, it gives us fantastic exposure to the booming Australian construction industry and also offers diversification away from our agricultural products," he says.

"This is good news for Irish manufacturers. If you can find a niche and are able to supply into far away markets at a competitive price it is very encouraging."

With domestic demand levelling off in recent years, all of C&G's sales growth has been driven by exports. Exports in general are up again this year and the company has sold directly to America, Sweden, Norway and Lithuania.

Demand from Australia is expected to be for Thwaites dumper cabs but the firm says that all its other units are on offer as well.

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The company will work with EEA regarding the different specifications needed to comply with Australian Health and Safety regulation.

"Despite our own familiarity with articulated dumpers, they are still relatively alien in Australia," according to Chris Newton, director of EEA in Australia. "We have been pushing the dumpers for five years, but it has only during the last 2.5 years that we have been able to push it hard. Over the last four months I have seen over 250 contractors across Australia and the most common thing I hear is, 'Never seen these things before, are they new?'

"When I explain that they are the second most common earthmoving asset in the UK and that Thwaites have been making them for over 60 years, people are taken aback."


Health and safety is driving the requirement for the fitting of cabs in Australia.

"The introduction of stricter OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) requirements in a variety of government sectors will basically make it a necessity to have Level 2 ROPS/FOPS air conditioned cabs as standard, so it won't surprise me that one in every two machines we sell will require a cab over the coming years."

The potential for dumper cab sales to the Aussie firm looks promising, Chris says.

"We have forecast over the coming years to reach 150 (dumper) sales per year so basically I think that it could be up to 75 cabins a year."

There is also an Irish twist to dumper sales in Sydney.

"Site dumpers have really taken off in Sydney and it is partly due to Australia's largest site dumper owner Mark Kenna of Kenna Contract Hire, a proud Irishman who has invested heavily in the market and hired them on to some of the largest infrastructure projects in Sydney. Mark started with two second-hand units to test the market and now has close to 40 units hired out."

The first cabs are being produced by C&G at the moment and will be ready to ship out in July or August, according to Will Ganly. The firm's web site is

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