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Bulls drop 5-14c/kg in a testing week

Ringside shows a mixed week for steers, heifers and weanling heifers, but the bulls endured a tough week at the marts, with prices down between 5-14c/kg. Bulls under 300kg were making from €2.15-2.80/kg, while heavier lots made from €2.10-2.60/kg.

Plainer lots ranged from €1.45-1.90/kg. Weanling heifers ranged from €2.35-2.90/kg for the better types. The lesser quality lots sold for €2.00-2.30/kg. The lighter steers were back, while the heavier types were somewhat improved. Steers under 400kg were selling for €2.05-2.65/kg.

The 400-500kg types made from €1.90-2.50/kg. A range from €1.90-2.30/kg was paid for heavier lots. This reflected an improvement of 4-10c/kg on the previous week. The plain heavy lots were also up by a similar amount and selling for an average price of €1.58/kg. Light plain steers were back by 4-9c/kg at €1.35-1.45/kg. A range from €1,000-1,400 is buying most of the freshly calved dairy and suckler cows. Friesian bull calves are making from €50-200.

Ballinakill reported a good solid trade for fancy young stock in a small overall turnout. Bulls and over-age stock were a difficult sell. Heavy bullocks were selling for €1.85-2.26/kg. Stores moved at €1.60-2.40/kg. Beef heifers sold for €1.90-2.15/kg while stores made up to €2.10kg.

Trade was firm in Ballymote, with store heifers in keen demand, especially the more forward types over 450kg. These sold for €400-600 with the weight. Lighter lots moved at €350-580 over, while heavy heifers made up to €700 with the €/kg. Weanling heifers were selling for €300-505 over the weight. The bull weanlings made from €325-500 with their weight. Fleshed cull cows ranged from €300-800 over the €/kg. Backward stores sold from a low of €1/kg up to €250 over. There will be a special sale of heifers, including Angus types on Friday at 11am.

The cut in cull cow quotes in factories was affecting the price in the ring for the first time this year at Kilkenny Mart, where only 320 cattle were for sale due to the poor travelling conditions. Steers over 600kg made from €1.90-2.35/kg. Lots between 400-600kg sold from €1.70-2.50/kg, while lighter lots made from €1.85-2.80/kg.

Continental stores were selling for €2.00-2.57/kg. Prices for suckler cows with a calf at foot ran from €1,125-1,840, while in-calf cows and heifers sold for €950-1,600. Continental cull cows were making from €1.20-1.70/kg. Friesian culls ranged from €0.80-1.45/kg.

Suck calves in general were a good trade at Enniscorthy, but the light Friesian bulls were proving difficult to sell. Prices overall for the Friesian ranged from €60-250. Continental bull calves made from €250-480, with the heifers making from €175-365. Angus and Hereford bulls sold for €180-230. The heifer calves made from €150-300.


Top class bulls over 600kg ranged from €400-535 over the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks were selling for €560-755 over. Stores varied from €300-685 with the €/kg. Beef heifers moved at €455-855 with the weight. Stores sold for €285-785 over. Prices for the cull cows ran from €690-1,580 each.

Dowra Mart had 690 cattle on offer last Saturday. Trade was described as steady on the day for all classes. Weanling bulls under 400kg generally made from €1.60-2.70/kg, with the top lots making from €2.70-3.10/kg. Bulls over 400kg made from €1.70-2.70/kg. Heavier lots were making from €1.80-2.40/kg. Steers made from €1.65-2.60/kg. Weanling heifers under 300kg sold from €1.80-3.00/kg.

Top lots made from €3.00-3.30/kg. Heifers from 300-400kg were selling for €1.70-2.85/kg. Stores ranged from €1.70-2.50/kg. Cull cows continue to meet a sluggish trade, with the top cows making from €1.60-1.90/kg. Feeding cows made from €1.00-1.50/kg.

There were 650 cattle offered for sale in Carnew. Quality lots were a very strong trade, but plainer cattle were slower to sell. Beef and forward steers made from €650-910 over their weight. Stores sold for €350-745 over. Weanling bulls met with strong export demand and made from €380-750 over the €/kg. Beef heifers ranged from €520-850 with their weight. Cull cows varied from €100-750 over.

Balla Mart had 600 lots on offer. Light plain bullocks were making €400-600 with their weight or €1.77-2.78/kg. Heavy bullocks were making from €500-700 over or €1.31-2.53/kg.

The light heifers under 400kg were making from €1.86-3.12/kg.

Heavier lots made up to €980 with the weight. In the suckler section, a five-year-old Simmental due to calve in April made €1,410.

Light weanling bulls were selling for €300-665 over their weights or €1.90-3.08/kg. Bulls over 350kg made from €1.67-2.26/kg. The light heifer weanlings sold from €1.94-2.93/kg. Heavier types made from €2.56-2.82/kg.

Continental steers weighing from 450-600kg in Mayo/Sligo Mart were making from €2.00-2.44/kg, with the bulls selling for €2.00-3.34/kg. The coloured heifers made from €2.05-2.78/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €2.40-2.90/kg. Cull cows made up to €1,500.

In the suck calf ring, the Friesian bulls were selling at prices of €85-210. Continental bull calves made from €300-500, with the heifer calves making from €240-500 each.

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Bullocks at Maam Cross Mart were selling for €1.95-2.75/kg. Heifers made from €1.60-3.85/kg. Weanlings sold from €1.60-3.65/kg. Cull cows ranged from €1.25-1.85/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot made from €890-1,185.

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