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Friday 23 February 2018

BSE test costs farmers €6m/yr

IFA animal health chairman John Waters said the recent European Food Safety Authority recommendation to discontinue BSE testing of slaughter animals was the logical next step in removing the cost burden of this disease for farmers.

Currently, all slaughter animals in Ireland over 72 months of age are BSE tested at a cost of €20/animal or almost €6m annually to farmers.

South American food hits Britain

A recent report by British trade magazine 'The Grocer' has tipped South American food to be the next big food trend in Britain.

While only a small percentage of Britons have tried South American food, the opening of Brazilian, Argentinian and Peruvian restaurants throughout the country and the fact that the 2016 Olympic Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro has led a growing number of consumers to try the cuisine, the report claimed.

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