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Sunday 17 December 2017

Bryan makes CAP case to Cowen

Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

IFA president John Bryan has told Taoiseach Brian Cowen that the Government must maintain a fully funded farm budget in the CAP negotiations.

The farm leader held his first meeting with the Taoiseach on Thursday at which he outlined his position for Ireland.

He said the agricultural sector would contribute to Ireland's economic recovery, but the Government had to do its job and back agriculture.

"The Single Farm Payment [SFP] post-2013 must be directed to supporting active farmers," Mr Bryan said.

"Recent suggestions that Ireland might move away from the historical basis are not on. Farmers will not tolerate any reduction in their SFP."

Mr Bryan said farmers must continue to be rewarded for their role in providing non-market services, including animal welfare, environment protection and landscape management.

He discussed the need for regulation of retail multiples, claiming that, since 1995, the cost of producing food had increased by more than 50pc while the price paid to farmers had dropped by 7pc.

"The retail multiples and corporate greed are to blame and this must be addressed at national and European level.

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"We welcome the Tánaiste's moves in this area to introduce a code of practice because action to rebalance the food supply chain is required," Mr Bryan added.

He also urged the Taoiseach to introduce the same 4.4pc carbon tax rate for farm diesel which applies to road diesel.

He added that there had to be an adequate credit supply for farmers from banks and that competitive interest rates had to be available.

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