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Friday 20 April 2018

British farmers see the bright side of working in agriculture

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

A summer of poached paddocks, full cattle sheds, uncut silage and falling cereal yields means that the mood among Irish farmers could be described as 'tense' at best.

Each day's weather forecast is greeted with furrowed brows and muttered grumblings and the predicted 30pc fall in incomes this year is certainly not helping farmers' outlook.

However, it appears farmers in Britain are more cheerful.

Results from the National Wellbeing Survey, commissioned by British prime minister David Cameron, show that farmers are among the happiest workers in the country.

The survey showed that people who worked in the farming, forestry and fishing were the happiest in a list of 20 sectors.

Farmers were closely followed by people working in mining and quarrying, real-estate activities and electricity, gas and water supply in the satisfaction stakes. Those who worked in administration, transport and vehicle repair were among the least happy.

Given the disastrous summer of 2012, it is unlikely that any survey of farmers conducted in Ireland would yield similar results.

Chances are that ducks would be top of the Irish list.

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