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Saturday 20 January 2018

Britain becomes net exporter of lamb

Britain became a net exporter of lamb last year for the first time in half a decade, new figures from Eblex, the British meat industry body, have revealed.

Total sheepmeat exports from Britain increased by 11pc last year to 98,500t, while sheepmeat imports fell 13pc during the year to 88,000t.

The rise in exports was mainly driven by increases in exports to European markets. France accounted for 60pc of the total exports from Britain, an increase of 3.1pc on 2010. Exports to Germany and Ireland also increased year-on-year.

Exports to non-EU markets rose by 41pc compared to 2010, to 5,800t.

The non-EU destinations for British sheepmeat included Switzerland, Norway, South Africa and Hong Kong.

However non-EU exports accounted for just 5-6pc of 2011's total exports.

Peter Hardwick, head of trade development at Eblex, said that while becoming a net exporter of lamb was a significant milestone, UK exports remained largely limited to the EU.

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