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Bridgeway conditioners revamped

Bridgeway Engineering's range of BW trailed swath conditioners has been revamped for this season with a number of improvements.

There are two models in the Co Offaly firm's trailed line up; a 2.2m-wide machine and a contractor specification 2.5m-wide machine. The 2.2m conditioner is suitable for conditioning/drying up to 30ft swaths of silage, hay and straw, while Bridgeway says the larger machine can handle grass swaths of up to 40ft.

The 2.2m machine is capable of being driven by smaller tractors from 45hp up. Being towed rather than carried on the three-point linkage makes it more manageable for smaller tractors. Power requirement for the larger 2.5m machine in 40ft swaths of grass is upwards of 80hp, according to Bridgeway.

Improvements for this year include a new easy-flow grass outlet, which company founder Liam Fallon says ensures the grass dries faster and is easier on straw and hay.

"The door system at the back has been adapted to provide a tidier swath in second-cut silage and there is also an update on the trailed machine's hydraulic lifting system. On the headlands, the lifting and lowering of the machine is faster," he says.

Standard specification includes a wide-angle drive shaft for turning in tight corners, full lighting kit and warning beacon. Drive protection on all Bridgeway conditioners includes two shear-pin devices plus an overrun clutch on the PTO shaft.

Machine wheel size is 10.5x15 and one double-acting hydraulic service point is required to raise and lower trailed machines. Conditioner tines are a special high-carbon steel, which have a stainless steel strap holding them in position.

The 2.2m trailed machine is priced at €6,500 including VAT and €7,000 including VAT for the 2.5m contractor machine.

The 2.2m three-point linkage model is €5,250 including VAT and features a number of improvements as well. These include a shorter chassis than the previous model, wider range of swath door adjustment and the castor wheels are fitted closer to the rotor, making it run smoother in rough ground.

All Bridgeway grass conditioners come with a two-year warranty.

For more information, visit or call 090 9674996.

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