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Bridgeway boasts big innovations

Offaly firm Bridgeway Engineering is located in Shannonbridge, close to the Galway border, and manufactures a broad range of agricultural machinery from aerators to bale handlers, swath conditioners, weed lickers, toppers and much more.

Toppers formed part of Bridgeway Engineering's original product line-up and the firm offers one width of machine in semi-offset or fully offset build to cater for farmers' budgets.

Improvements for this season are a one-pin, pull-release system on the fully offset '6' model to allow the topper to be moved into the operating position from the tractor cab. The semi-offset '6' model has been improved to increase its effectiveness to 95pc of the fully offset model, according to the firm.

Both models feature what Bridgeway claims is a new innovative flail design that improves the lift of the grass by creating a vacuum effect. This, it says, improves the evenness of the cut and reduces the stripes left due to the topper travelling in the tractor's tyre tracks (semi-offset model). Comer gearboxes are used throughout.

Price of the fully offset model is listed at €1,800 + VAT while the semi-off set model is listed at €1,150 + VAT. Bridgeway can be contacted on 090 9674996 or email on

Bruce Lett

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