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Sunday 18 March 2018

Brexit 'a complete unknown' for farming

Boris Johnson meets reporters after his announcement that he would back a Brexit
Boris Johnson meets reporters after his announcement that he would back a Brexit
Colm Kelpie

Colm Kelpie

Dawn Farm Foods boss Larry Murrin has warned it is difficult to have a contingency plan in the face of a “complete unknown”, as Britain prepares for a Brexit referendum in June.

“Contingency is a vital part of what we do. But, it’s very difficult to have contingency for the complete unknown because nobody has yet been able to spell out what exactly would happen in terms of trade regulations in the context of Britain not being part of the EU,” said Mr Murrin as business leaders addressed the British Irish Chamber of Commerce Conference last   Friday on a potential Brexit.

Mr Murrin said he believed the potential impact was  “over-hyped on the farm side”.

“I think there’s a level of concern that we all share.

“People need to look at where Irish exports, particularly beef exports, actually go. And the concern should be gauged accordingly.”

He added that “Britain and Ireland are critical trading partners to each other, so ways would have to be found to keep those trade corridors open.”

Greencore’s company secretary Conor O’Leary said  they would continue to have a large business in Britain and if it does vote to exit then they would work within the parameters. It’s “business as usual,” he said.

Concerns about a possible British exit from the EU saw sterling fall against the dollar and euro on markets yesterday.

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