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Thursday 22 March 2018

Breeding stock remains popular

Joe Healy

THE trade for breeding stock remains strong.

Quality ewe lambs with a bit of strength and suitable for breeding this season are in demand, which is helped by an extremely vibrant trade for ewe hoggets.

Older breeding ewes are relatively scarce as the large numbers of ewes slaughtered during the year -- as a result of the continuous strong prices -- continues to take its toll. The lamb trade was steady enough throughout the week.

Baltinglass Mart had 2,000 sheep for sale on Saturday with a strong overall trade, especially for quality young breeding stock and Cheviot and Suffolk-cross lambs. Ewe hoggets sold for €135-170 as older breeding ewes made €90-125. Cull ewes made €60-75. In the lamb section, the 40-50kg types made €40-48 over the weight. Stores made €32-39 over. Cheviot ewe lambs reached as high as €110, while the Suffolk crosses ranged from €90-130.

Baltinglass is holding the Aughrim Sheep Breeders' Show and Sale this Friday.


There were 3,100 sheep on offer at Dowra with a strong demand for all classes, particularly the good-quality ewe lambs and hoggets. Ewe lambs for breeding made €90-120/hd, while the best of the store lambs made €70-85. Stronger mountain-type stores made €55-75 each. Lighter store mountain-type lambs sold for €45-55. Prices for cull ewes for feeding ranged from €40-70/hd, while the heavier ewes made €70-95/hd. The best of the ewe hoggets sold for €130-160, while the good young ewes for breeding made €100-135.

Tullow Sheep Breeders' second show and sale was held last Wednesday and had a big entry of ewe lambs and hogget ewes. Suffolk-cross hoggets made €147, up to a top price of €195, but were outdone by the range of €165-210 achieved by the Cheviot hoggets.

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In the lambs, the roles were reversed, the Suffolk types sold for €88-152 while the top price for the Cheviots was €130. Fat lambs made €40-54 over in a range of €83-104. Store lambs sold for €25-42 over, and sold for €54-81. Cast ewes made €38-102.

Wexford Marts had a large entry of 2,240. Trade had a slightly livelier tone, with the best demand for breeding stock. Hogget ewes sold for €129-189, while the older ewes suitable for breeding sold for €86-152.

Ewe lambs made €80-138, while the general run for the factory and butcher lamb was €39-51 over.

Stores made €32-46 over, pedigree rams achieved €305-555/hd and cast ewes sold for €44-102.

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