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Monday 23 April 2018

Bomford Kestrels soaring high with new look

Bruce Lett

Bomford has revamped its Kestrel range of hedgecutters with a new look for this year.

The Bomford Kestrel series is made up of three-point linkage machines that cater for both farmer and entry-level contractor requirements.

The new Kestrel E is a non-slew machine and is available with or without a parallel arm. There is also the option of two widths of cutting head, the 950LW or 1257LW (for 70-litre machines). Both are driven by a motor coupled to the end of the shaft.

This year's version of the Bomford Kestrel S features a 90-degree power-slew which brings the machine arm back around and in line with the tractor, for those hard to reach corners and road transport.

It features 84-litre hydraulics and Pro-trim head. The Pro-Trim head has a double-helix shaft, which gives up to 45pc overlap of the flails. The Pro-Trim head is a belt-driven unit and also has interchangeable shaft options.


Standard hedgecutter hydraulic control on both series is manual levers and cables. Low Pressure Hydraulic (LPH) servo controls are available as an option.

The new Kestrel SM features the optional 600mm forward arm to give the driver a better view of the head. Further up the range, the Falcon is now available with a quick-hitch bar-coupling system.

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Prices start at €14,750 + VAT for the Kestrel E machines and €19,715 + VAT for the Kestrel S versions. The LPH servo-hydraulic joystick adds around €2,300 + VAT, depending on which models it is fitted to.

For more details, contact IAM on 056 776 5826.

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