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Friday 27 April 2018

Blogging farmerette putting pen to paper

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

'Would you marry a farmer?' is a question that could provoke any numbers of answers, but it's also the title of a new book in the pipeline from Carlow woman Lorna Sixsmith.

The self-styled 'Irish Farmerette' runs a mixed dairy and beef farm with her husband Brian and children Will (10) and Kate (8). A media consultant by trade, Lorna is an internet blogger, with a keen interest in farming.

The idea for her book came from a blog she wrote called 'Advice to those thinking of marrying a farmer', which attracted 50,000 views from all over the world.

It included advice for farmers' spouses enlisted to help sort cattle for the mart, such as:

* 'The black one' – does not mean that the animal is all black. It simply means that it has slightly more black on its coat than its comrades. The same goes for 'the white one'.

* 'The bull, let the bull in' doesn't help when you have three calves' heads coming towards you and you can't see between their legs.

* 'The biggest one' – You must learn to tell the difference in size between calves, even if one is only an inch or so taller than the other.

* Above all, you both must appreciate that any bad language hurled at each other while sorting cattle can be forgotten about once they are sorted into their two separate batches.

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In fact, bad language is expected and can even be enjoyed as, at what other time can you tell your loved one he is a f***ing idiot for not realising you're not telepathic.

The book is set to be a similarly tongue-in-cheek style account of modern Irish farming.

Lorna has embraced the concept of crowd-funding to help her publish the book, which she aims to have on the shelves later this year. Crowd-funding is where lots of people, be they friends, family, fans or followers, all contribute money towards a project and receive some reward for their help.

Lorna's aim is to raise €6,000 towards publishing the book and patrons can donate anything from €8 to €1,000 to her cause. So far, 53 people have contributed almost €1,500 to the project and they will receive rewards ranging from copies of the book to places on her social media course and the opportunity to adopt a calf from the Garrendenny Herd. The closing date for the crowd-funding campaign is July 31.

Lorna's blog can be found on

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